With 125 visual and transitions effects, FXSyndrome PowerBin is the first of its kind pre-made effects bundle made exclusively for Avid Media Composer editors.

The aim is closing a gap in the presets market for Media Composer all while helping the editors make faster and more dynamic-looking videos without leaving their preferred NLE. 

This PowerBin comes in the form of an Avid bin containing pre-built nested sequences that do not require installation or any footage replacement within the nest. 

Just drop it on top of your footage, render and see the magic happens!

Two PowerBin bundles to choose from

- Boris Continuum Complete plugin-required option. Learn more

- No-Plugin required option. Learn more

Finish your edits faster

Consider you'll be finishing your edits faster, about 30 to 50 percent faster! Especially if you are on a tight deadline (who's not these days!), and you're trying to carve your way to build dynamic-looking edits that meet your clients' expectations, all while staying inside Avid MC instead of round-tripping with other NLEs!
If you're making TV shows, Promo videos, Music videos, Corporate videos, Car shows, Action sports, YouTube videos, the list goes on... Then FXSyndrome is an invaluable plugin in your arsenal of tools.
it's a kind of the Microwave invention story; you never knew you needed it until you've used it :)

How it works?

What do you get?

- The Avid PowerBins (.avb) in different frame-rates.

- Preview video files of all the effects and their names.

- Sound effects folder supporting different frame rates.

- Documentation with detailed step-by-step guide explaining how to use these effects.

- Tutorial video(s).

The PowerBin is compatible with all Avid Media Composer versions out there starting from version 8.x. up to the latest version.

The effects parameters are fully adjustable using the standard effect control tool inside of Avid Media Composer.

The transitions and effects are carefully designed and especially suited for upbeat video styles.

The bundles are resolution adaptable and frame rate adaptable with no footage replacement needed! 

We are passionate and excited about this unique product, and would love you to benefit from it too!