Resources & Free Plugins

This page contains hand-picked and valuable resources for Avid Media Composer editors. We are constantly updating this list with links to brands that offer free tools and tutorials!


BorisFX tutorial

Boris FX offers hundreds of free online video tutorials to help you master Continuum, Mocha, Sapphire and recently Optics!

Visit the Boris FX video library for Webinars, Tutorials, and Getting Started to have guides on more than a dozen products.

BCC Lite is offered for free Here.

Download Free Particle Illusion Standalone Application Here.

Discount on Editing and VFX Plugins:

Get 15% off Boris Continuum Plugin automatically at checkout. Hundreds of discounted plugins for Avid MC using the link Here.

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Avid Media Composer Plugins

AEJuice offers products with up to 90% discount! compatible with Avid Media Composer in the form of videos with a transparent background. Get them Here.

What's better is that they offer free plugins that include sound effects and After Effects templates for those of you who use After Effects in their workflow.

Get your free plugins Here.

Access all their products with up to 99% discount Here. 



MDVx free avid media composer softwareBlendx free avid media composer pluginFree transliteration software for avid media composer

DJFio (Valentin Kubyshkin) has developed these three marvelous and much-needed tools and plugins for Avid Media Composer.

MDV is a powerful media management tool that works at the file system level. Unlike the AVID's Media tool, MDV uses direct file and path access and allows you to organize and archive your media inside the complex, not always simply-named structure of AVID's media folders.

Blend-X is one of our favorites since it is the only free plugin that brings blending modes to Avid MC finally! The plugin is in Beta 8 with pretty stable results. Available for both Mac and Windows.

GdeYoZh (Russian for "where's the hedgehog") is a new tool that helps you transliterate filenames, which can help you exchange files abroad and avoid conflicts with avid import/export/link encoding issues.
It also can solve some encoding problems while exchanging AvidMediaFiles between Mac and Windows.


Shutter Encoder 

shutter encoder

Arguably the most powerful and feature-rich encoder/transcoder you can lay your hands on!

What's better is that Paul Pacifico (the developer) is offering it completely free of charge (donations are available to help the continuous development of this excellent software).
As video editors, we have used many professional applications throughout the years, and Shutter Encoder has become our go-to tool!

Visit the Shutter Encoder website here:
You can learn about some of the great features on this YouTube channel:



GeniusDV Avid Media Composer tutorials

GeniusDV has over 300 FREE Video Editing Tutorials! 

Founded in November of 2000, GeniusDV has created an elite luxurious training environment that provides state-of-the-art, hands-on training for all of the popular video and audio editing software packages.


Rampant Design

Free effects

Rampant Design have some of the most beautiful effect overlays in 4K that you can lay over your videos. Check their free 40+ Effect Kits Here.



Toolfarm Avid Media Composer plugins

Toolfarm gathered the best professional editing, visual effects, 3d, and motion graphics tools under one roof with hundreds of unique tutorials to help you getting up and running.