About us

Avid Media Composer has always been our NLE of choice.
We love its stability and the approach it has taken in reducing user error and encouraging discipline in a very complex industry.

FXSyndrome is part of this industry and knows very well what an editor goes through to deliver something beautiful within stringent timelines and often limited budgets.
Common and far from easy!

Living this reality, and not to reinvent the wheel; we created over the years a small set of pre-built effects (that could work right off the bat without footage replacement and on any sort of footage) to help us speed-up our editing processes. All while keeping it looking trendy and sophisticated.

We started with six effects back in 2013; we saved them in a bin that we called “PowerBin” and resorted to them whenever we felt our edits are lacking visual elaboration. Now we have much more to share; heartily built and carefully designed to meet the requirements of those quick edits.

We always wondered why such products were never created for Avid Media Composer when there is so much room and need for enhancements?
So we decided to explore this potential and bring it forward!

We love these effects, and we sincerely want you to love them too!  💜