The PowerBin is not showing in the Avid Project

Make sure of the following:

  • The Avid Media Composer version is not Media Composer | First. (This version is not supported)
  • While the PowerBin might work in most Avid MC versions, the recommended version would be v8.x or higher.
  • The PowerBin file extension is .avb

Double check where you copied the .avb file. Maybe you have placed it in the wrong folder.


Avid is not allowing me to load the effect sequence in the source monitor

This could be due to a mismatch between the Avid project frame rate and the effect sequence frame rate.

To solve this, you can either re-open the PowerBin in a relevant frame rate project, or you can double click the sequence to force Avid to change its frame rate manually. When double-clicking Avid will ask if you would like to change the frame rate of the sequence so hit ok after that Avid creates a new sequence labeled with the new frame rate (the original sequence won’t be replaced). Now go ahead and reload your edit in the timeline and drag and drop the newly created effect on top of it.


Application is hanging when I place the effect on the timeline

Sometimes Avid can get slow in processing some of the effects and that’s totally normal.

In this case, do the following:

  • Wait for Avid to respond again (Which it does in most of the cases).
  • Render all the other effects in the timeline
  • Monitor your computer RAM and GPU consumptions.
  • Switch off any other running applications.
  • Lower the Video Quality from the Video Quality Menu at the bottom of the timeline (go full Yellow if need be).
  • Turn off the timeline viewer or switch it to monitor a lower track.
  • Keep the player head away from the effect.
  • Make sure your graphics card driver is up-to-date.
  • Restart Avid or the computer itself.

If all these measures won’t help in resolving the problems, it means your system is too weak to work with these effects.


Effect showing Media Offline (Applicable to TEXT effect only)

This will only happen in the case of effects containing a Title effect.

To resolve this, Step inside the effect, locate and highlight the layer that mentions (Title Tool) in its name, position the player head above the Title effect, select Clip from the drop-down menu and Re-create Title Media. Now “Media Offline” should disappear.


Unrecognized effect message

If this message appears, it means that your version of Avid MC is missing one or more effects used in your timeline or the BCC version installed is much older from the one used to build the effects (BCC v10 for Volume 1 and BCC v12 for Volume 2).

Avid won’t show these effects after rendering and playing.

To solve this issue; update your version of Avid MC and make sure your Boris CC version is compatible.


Sound effect length not matching the effect’s length

This means that there is a frame rate mismatch between the Avid project and the imported sound effect. You either need to open a new project with a matching frame rate or import the sound effect designated for the current project frame rate.


Avid is asking me to edit the Title effect text in the new Title+ tool

The text in the TEXT UP or DWN effect is created using the traditional Avid Title Tool. If this message appears, it means that you are working in a project with a greater resolution than HD, which is not supported by the traditional Title tool. The workaround would be to change the project resolution to HD, edit the text, then switch back to your original resolution.

Do not attempt to change or convert the Title effect to a Title+ effect, they both work differently than one another, and you’ll end up with a broken effect.


I see visual leftovers after rendering, the effect doesn’t look right, why is that?

This can happen after you’ve tried several clips beneath the same effect, especially effects containing a Temporal Blur or a FluidMorph. These leftovers are cached pixels from the previous clip(s). To get rid of them you must clear your render on all the effect layers and re-render again.


My project is at a frame-rate that is not provided, what do I do?

You can still convert the effects yourself by simply double-clicking the effect sequence, and Avid will instantly create a new converted effect sequence for you. However, if the project frame-rate is significantly higher, like 50p or 60p, the effect might break or look far from the original.


How to find the name of the effect that I already used in my timeline?

In your timeline, head over the YELLOW marker on the effect sequence you used, then click the YELLOW marker in your record monitor (where it says “NEXT SHOT HERE”). The name of the effect and additional info will be revealed.