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FXSyndrome for Media Composer - No Plugin Option

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FXSyndrome No-Plugin required option, consists of 45 cinematic, high-end, load-n-drop, ready-made video transitions and visual effects presets for Avid Media Composer.

This PowerBin bundle is compatible with all Mac and PC versions and most of Avid Media Composer versions especially post version 6.x.

The transitions and effects are designed to be simply loaded then dropped on top of your footage without any installation needed.

The effects are footage independent, meaning no nested footage to replace, resolution adaptable, and frame rate adaptable, meaning the effects can be re-timed by Avid when loaded into the record monitor by double-clicking.

To apply the effects, simply load the nested transition sequence in the source monitor, then drop it (or overwrite) on top of your footage on an empty layer. Position the “Next shot here” yellow marker above your cut, render and you’re all set to jump to the next one!

Each VFX/transition is a unique sequence that contains the nested effects needed to create it. Each effect is placed on a separate labeled layer to make it easier to recognize.

The effect parameters are adjustable using the standard Effect Control tool inside of Avid Media Composer.

The transitions and effects are carefully designed and especially suited for fast-paced editing to help the editor work faster while getting professionally looking results.

Easy to use, resolution adaptable, frame rate adaptable, cinematic visual effects and transitions presets for Avid Media Composer.